Onsite Decoration

We offer a wide range of onsite event services for any live onsite events. Plus, we go to your location anywhere in the United States or worldwide! We don’t outsource people at your events, we only send our own trusted employees. Consequently, if a machine breaks down, we typically have it running again within about 5 minutes. Who hires us is typically a meeting planner, event planner, or retail marketing company. Our clients invite us to run private VIP events as we did at the Super Bowl 2020.

Naturally, retail stores sell more merchandise when customers can get it personalized on the spot. Additionally, we do pop-up store activation. Ask us about our residency programs where we stay with you for your entire season.


Want a personalized tote bag? Matching shirts for your clients? Unique swag? Machine embroidery stitches unique designs and patterns into all sorts of materials. You can use it for product branding or creating memorable items for clients.

Chain stitch embroidery

Chain stitching creates a series of looped stitches that form a chain-like pattern. This can be used for elaborate, colorful designs or bold, straight outlines.


Embroidered patches and applications, also called chenille patches, are thick material patches often used to decorate sports uniforms and varsity jackets. Customized patches can advertise brand logos and names, which can then be affixed to bags, shirts, or even shoes.


Digital printing can take many forms. It uses digital files stored on a computer, which are printed in ink onto a variety of textiles. Personalized digital printing allows for designs ranging from elaborate landscapes to simple words.


Vinyl printing is a method of printing where an image is transferred to a surface using heat and pressure. It is best for quick designs and vibrant colors.


Screen printing takes cut screen designs and transfers ink through them like a stencil. This method of printing isn’t as quick as other methods for onsite events, but the results can be longer lasting.


Hand painting is exactly as it sounds: painting by hand. This is a great way to make every customized piece unique and give a personal touch to clients.


Airbrushing uses a tool similar to a spray can. Designs are created with a stencil.


Embossing creates designs that stick out or recede into material. Designs are transferred by pressure, and can be used on a variety of materials ranging from cloth to metal.


 In today’s world where social media is king, selfies are all the rage. Create fun selfie stations with props and backdrops that will create photos users will want to share with their friends. Selfie stations are perfect interactive tools to engage with clients.


 We teach all skill levels how to add pizzazz to their designs. We teach kids and adults how to embellish with rhinesone applications. Whether you want to add rhinestones to a purse or embellish your jeans, we give you the tools and techniques to turn anything into a work of art.


 We custom paint corporate logos directly on the apparel we paint directly on the body. Our body painting artwork will last several hours. However, the attention it attracts and memories it creates can last a lifetime.


 Temporary tattoos are fun marketing tools customers can use to turn their bodies into a work of art. Like real tattoos, temporary tattoos adhere to the skin, but wash off after a day or two. Personalized designs allow for a unique experience your customers won’t soon forget.

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